Squam Lake Canoeing Trip

Ten scouts attended this trip which was a combination of both canoeing on Squam Lake and a day hike up East and West Rattlesnake mountains, in New Hampshire.

October Trip Summary:

  • Date: October 2- October 4
  • Time of Departure: 2:00 PM on Friday Oct. 2
  • Time of Arrival: 3:00 PM on Sunday Oct. 4
  • Location: Squam Lake
  • Scouts: 10
  • Adults: 4

Trip Events:


  • -The troop got to Squam Lake on Friday afternoon/evening and got into their canoe groups
  • -They then canoed to the campsite they would be staying at
  • -The troop got all their gear from the canoes and set up the campsite
  • -The troop had dinner and then later went to sleep.


  • -Everyone woke up and got ready for the day of canoeing
  • -The cook made breakfast and the troop cleaned up
  • -Everyone packed their necessary gear into the canoes and the troop set off
  • -The troop was planning to dock at a mountain for the rattlesnake trail
  • -The winds were fast, and while the troop canoed, one canoe capsized
  • -The troop got together and docked at a nearby island, while others helped the two who capsized get to the island and recover
  • -Once they recovered, the troop followed their earlier trail, but couldn’t because there were whitecaps in a certain place they were supposed to go
  • -Instead, the troop went to another island
  • -They had lunch there and spent some time there
  • -The troop then canoed back to the campsite
  • -They got back at around 3:00 pm, and spent time doing things
  • -There was a fire, the cook made dinner, and later the troop went to sleep


  • -The troop wakes up and packs up all their stuff
  • -They all have breakfast, pack their canoes, and canoe back to the cars
  • -They get ice cream from a local parlor, and then went to Colella’s